AWSEC - Courses - Barossa Wine School - Understand one of Australia’s Most Famous Wine Regions
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Barossa Wine School is exclusively offered in Hong Kong by AWSEC!


The Barossa Wine School is a three-level certification program developed by the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) which enables participants to explore the viticulture and winemaking in Australia’s most famous & historical wine region, the Barossa.


Barossa is the one of the only areas in Australia to have neighboring warm and cool climate growing conditions, this is a valuable opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to discover the uniqueness and characters of both Barossa Valley and Eden Valley wines.


Candidates have existing wine tasting experience are highly recommended. However, the three-tiered program enables you to increase your knowledge of Barossa wines as you progress through each level. Official Barossa Wine School Educators will teach Level 1 and Level 2.

Course Gallery:

2-hour introduction to Australia’s most famous wine region, Barossa. Taste 6 wines including a ‘Rare & Distinguished’ classified wine from the region. An official Barossa Enthusiast certicate will be issued upon passing the optional exam.

8 hour comprehensive wine course about the Barossa; taste 24 wines; optional exam; certificate; offered in English, Cantonese & Mandarin.

Run once a year, this is an intensive, professional wine program that takes place over 6 days in the Barossa during September. Participants will taste over 100 different wines.