AWSEC - Best corporate or private wine tasting event partner
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AWSEC’s Tutored Tastings cover a wide range of topics and run throughout the year. They are a wonderful opportunity to train the palate and really get to grips with specific regions and/or wine styles. Participants will have the chance to broaden their wine knowledge horizons. They will be guided through a range of carefully chosen wines, with descriptions of the region of origin, the background and production of each wine, the characteristics along with explanations of what creates the differences in style.


It is an educational and fun way to look into wine in depth and participants do not have to be enroled on one of our courses to attend.


Some of our Tutored Tastings are pitched at a more advanced level, however we encourage and welcome wine lovers of all knowledge levels.

Course Gallery:

Located between the French Alps to the Mediterranean sea, discover the different styles and colours of wines of the South of France :  Provence and Southern Rhône.

Rosé is undoubtedly the icon from Provence - discover the various styles of rosés as well as some amazing white wines and great reds.   For Southern Rhône, we will explore the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape as well as a sweet fortified wine.  

Few wines command the level of admiration and passion that Brunello di Montalcino has earned, and this course will focus on this great wine. And in its hometown Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino shares the top spot with the omnipresent Chianti and the highly-prized Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.


Germany is a remarkable wine-producing country with some truly world class expressions of Riesling. Join this high-end tasting featuring a wonderful line-up of arguably the most iconic Rieslings in Germany.

Wine and cheese are two of the great taste buds delight, but why are they such a perfect pair? Join us for a totally tasty journey led by our experienced wine educator. You will be talked through some of the most celebrated pairings in the world and taste 5 different cheeses and wines, including a Grand Cru Classé Margaux red. Fun and informative – our all-time favourite workshop!

Come and join us to learn how to use this Aromaster and train your nose to identify main grape varieties and wines . Our Professional Educator will guide you to use the sense of smell to identify and appreciate four specially selected wines.

You would love to order that Gewürztraminer you see on the wine list or that fruity Valpolicella but you have never dared to ask, worried that you would stumble pronouncing such names when it comes to order the wine. Well fear no more.