AWSEC - Tours - Japan
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After learning about sake in depth on the Certified Sake Sommelier (CSS) course, now here's a chance for you to visit a number of breweries in Japan and experience the creation of sake at first hand.


The trip will take you to areas such as Hita and Kitasuki which are known among connoisseurs of sake for its quality and variety - you can join the professionals as they produce their sake in the picturesque breweries of Kyushu.


The visits include brewery tours and hands-on sake-making, when you perform the actual work of a sake brewer. It also offers ample opportunities to sample a wide variety of sake, including the first pressings, when some consider sake as its finest, as well as the prestigious ginjo and daiginjo designations, the pride of the brewers.


A certificate will be received at the end of the course.