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Wines of Chile Academy is exclusively offered in Hong Kong by AWSEC!


The Wines of Chile Academy is a three-tiered certificate programme developed by Wines of Chile, ProChile, and AWSEC with the goal to enhance student understanding of viticulture, winemaking, and culture in the world’s 4th largest exporter of wines, Chile.


Designed with professionals and enthusiasts in mind, this unique programme allows you to appreciate the spirit of Chilean wines from northern Limari and central Colchagua, all the way to southern Bio-Bio. Having prior tasting experience is helpful for your enjoyment, but our 3-level programme enables you to increase your knowledge of Chilean wines (and wines in general) as you progress through each level.


Official Wines of Chile Educators will teach Level 1 (Ambassador) and Level 2 (Specialist) in a classroom setting with relevant tastings showcasing Chilean wines. Level 3 (Maestro) offers a unique, week-long immersion experience in Chile, where vineyard visits, winemaker meetings, and local hospitality will enthral your senses.

Course Gallery:

3 hour introductory class on Chile with a tasting of 6 wines. Introduce Chile's main varieties and unique classification syste. The official Wines of Chile Ambassador certificate will be issued upon passing the exam.

6 hour, in-depth discovery of the regions sub-regions, with a tasting of 12 wines, exam, Wines of Chile Academy Specialist certificate. Offered in English, Mandarin, or Cantonese.

Run once per year. A week-long immersion trip to Chile with 10 winery visits led by a Wines of Chile Educator, exam, Wines of Chile Academy – Maestro certificate.