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Easter Promotion: Virtual Travel with AWSEC


Although it is difficult to travel, AWSEC will bring the country to the classroom and prepare you for the real journey.

*Each package valid for 1 year (except package 2 & 3 valid until June 2021 only)


Package 1: Burgundy 2-day Tour

Burgundy is complex but beautiful in nature. Each village and vineyard have their own expression of wine, thanks to their unique terroir. Experience these differences in the Climats & Lieux-dits tasting with 6 carefully selected Burgundy wines that express these unique characteristics.

Through the "Journey to Gevrey-Chambertin" tasting, gain insight into why this village holds more Grands Crus than any other village in Burgundy.  

Package includes:

Package price $1,780 (save $180)

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Package 2: Award-winning Whisky Distillery 2-day Tour

The essence of ageing and the art of maturation has a great influence on the style and flavour of Scotch Whisky. These tutored tastings will allow you to experience how age and oak create beauty in Scotch Whisky.  

Package includes:

Package price $800 (save $160)

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Package 3: Discover Scotch Whisky Tour

Truly discover the beauty of Scotch Whisky with the Whisky Ambassador course and an Award-winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tutored Tasting. Take your new appreciation for Whisky from the course to the tasting.

Package includes:

Package price $5,800 (save $480)

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Package 4: Japanese Sake Cultural Tour

Sake is the product of the rich history and culture of Japan. When serving or tasting Sake, there is a story to be told. Be the one to tell this story.

Package includes:

Package price $7,360 (save $1,040)

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Package 5:Barossa In-depth Tour

Familiarise yourself with one of the premium regions of Australia and appreciate how generations of work bring in some of the finest red wines and age-worthy whites.  

Package includes :

Package price $2,800 (save $350)

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Package 6: The Classic Old World Package

France, Italy and Spain are three of the most important wine regions in the world. Gaining a deep understanding of these classic regions will open new horizons for your wine journey. Set yourself apart in this specialist program and earn the title of a Wine Scholar.  

Package includes:(Pick 2 out of 4)

Package price: $13,800 (save $2,160)


Recommended package:

  France and Spain Roadtrip

  Italy from North to South

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