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Australia’s Best Kept Secrets


The Australian wine community is renowned for its creativity and willingness to experiment. A new generation of winemakers have challenged stereotypes and brought an exciting diversity to the Australian wine scene. ‘Australia’s Best-Kept Secrets’ seminar highlights the spirit of innovation and experimentation and is a thrilling journey to taste new favourites like Vermentino, Roussanne or Sangiovese.


Wine list:

  • Koerner 'Pigato' Clare Valley Vermentino 2020
  • Yangarra 'Roux Beaute' McLaren Vale Roussanne 2016
  • Jim Barry Clare Valley Assyrtiko 2017
  • Ravensworth Estate Canberra Sangiovese 2018
  • Las Vino 'Vino Albino PNO' Margaret River (Pinot Noir Chardonnay Rose) 2019
  • Cobaw Ridge "L'Altra" Syrah/Lagrein 2017
  • Ochota Barrells  'I am the Own Syrah' Adelaide Hills Syrah 2017
  • Meadowbank Tasmania Gamay 2020


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$650 $1,000
2 Persons Discount
Code Date Time Language Fee Registration
OZTT-2011B Nov 21
7:30pm - 9:30pm English HKD 650 Course Expired