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Australian Region: Yarra Valley

  • Taste 7 wines made from Yarra Valley
  • The history of the Yarra Valley
  • Geography, climate and soil
  • Yarra Valley’s approach to grape growing and wine making trends
  • Yarra Valley’s prominent  grape varieties
  • Characteristics and flavour profiles of Yarra Valley’s wine
  • Yarra Valley by numbers

Australian Region: Yarra Valley is one of the topics in Australia Wine Discovered courses which are exclusively offered by AWSEC in Hong Kong. Yarra Valley is a cool climate region yet offer diversity and allow the regions to produce wine in classic styles from a wide range of varieties. The innovation of the grape growers and winemakers help shape and create a unique character of the region’s wine. The region is also famous for its natural beauty and wine tourism.

The Yarra Valley series will focus on the details of the region, such as its history in Australia, the geography, climate and soil, the region’s approach to grape growing, winemaking and also introducing the prominent grape varieties and the style of the wines of the region. Students can taste 7 wines that are grown, made and best represent the style of  Yarra Valley.

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