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Australian Varieties: Riesling

  • Taste 7 Riesling produced in different regions of Australia
  • The history of Australian Riesling
  • How it’s grown
  • How it’s made
  • Where it’s grown
  • Characteristics and flavour profiles
  • Riesling by numbers

Australian Varieties:  Riesling is one of the topics in Australia Wine Discovered courses which are exclusively offered by AWSEC in Hong Kong.

Being one of Australia’s premier white grape varieties, Riesling is a delicate, expressive and versatile variety that benefits from a minimalist winemaking approach. Australia is also home to some of the world’s oldest Riesling vines and a leading global producer.

This series will focus on the details of Australian Riesling, such as its history in Australia, how and where it’s grown, the winemaking, the characteristics and flavor profile of the grape. Students can have the chance to taste 7 Riesling that best represent the common style made in Australia.


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