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The Regional Heroes of Bourgogne: Appreciating Bourgogne's Regionale Appellations


The hierarchy of Bourgogne's appellation system is founded on established quality at three different levels, namely Regionale, Village and Village with Premier Cru status and Grand Cru.  Decades of improved knowledge of terroirs and winemaking techniques have led to an increase in quality of the wines at the foundation level: Regionale Appellations, offering excellent value for quality and surprise on the up side.  They can be an excellent choice for aperitif and cocktail receptions or the ideal accompaniment to casual meals. 

Most recently, these appellations have been consolidated from 23 appellation names into 7 appellation names, each demonstrating a distinct style, expressed by the permitted grape variety(ies). Wines of regionale appellations make up a total of 50% of Bourgogne's production.  This masterclass will explains the rationale behind the consolidation, showcases top examples at this level and helps you better appreciate the quality of these regional heroes. 

We invite you to join us at this unique masterclass, a collaboration between the Bourgogne Wine Board and AWSEC.

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BGTT1802 Feb 22
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